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"A picture is worth a thousand words."
-Source unknown

film Day Trip in Chiayi, Southern Taiwan: Bamboo Teahouse (Zhu Ju Cha Lou)
Delightful teahouse in Chiayi
Nice table inside
View into the courtyard
Relaxing after the "light" meal

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About our day in Chiayi
Date: June 1, 2003
We were bored. It was a Sunday. We decided to take the train to Chiayi and it turned out to be a great day trip.
We got there early and then we rented a motorcycle. A trip around the lake in Chiayi is when we saw the street of traditional teahouses. Choosing one which reminded us of the chain of teahouses, Geng Du Yuan, we decided to eat a few snacks, drink some tea, and do some reading.
Too bad we went for their special meal, which wound up being delicious, but far too much. Afterwards, we wobbled around like stuffed piglets the rest of the afternoon.
Nice day, though, all in all.

The inside of the Zhu Ju Cha Lou
Zhu Ju Cha Lou
No. 275, Da Ya Road, Sec. 2, Chiayi City
Tel: +886-5-271-5001