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"A picture is worth a thousand words."
-Source unknown

film A Few Days in Hualien
Hualien is located on the East Coast of Taiwan and is widely recognized as THE most beautiful city on the island. Deep blue Pacific waters buttress themselves up against the Hualien coastline, seemingly competing for attention from the majestic mountains that lay on the other side of Hualien City, going up to the Taroko Gorge. It is here that Jackie and I spent a few days off, relaxing, reading and just plain chilling out in the hot Hualien sunshine. Alas, the week after it was back to work, albeit at a new job.
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Martyrs Shrine, Hualien
Beauty of a view on Hualien City from the Shrine
Main Gate at the Shrine
Scenic Hualien City
A view inside the hotel dining area
The owner is a gem collector, you could say
Rose Stone side doorway
Care for tea in the courtyard outside?
Interior courtyard
Moon gate
Real live piggy bank in our room
At the beach

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Time: mid-July, 2004

Hotel: Rose Stone

Major attractions visited:
This was a relaxing, kick-back trip. Major points of attraction was me reading a book looking out at the Pacific Ocean while Jackie strolled on the shore collecting stones shaped like Doreameon.

The Rose Stone hotel was a treasure (and a former museum).