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"A picture is worth a thousand words."
-Source unknown

film Jiufen - picturesque mining town on Taiwan's northeast coast
Jiufen is a small, former mining town on the northeast coast of Taiwan. It was one of the first trips we took after we had come back to Taipei. The nice part was that because it was so cold, a lot of people didn't flock to the tourist hotspot. As such, we were able to wander through the streets relatively unmolested.
I took the liberty of artistically modifying some of the photos as Jiufen is a scenic location that turns many a visitor's eye into that of an artist's.
Click on the photo to open up a pop-up window of that image.
Quaint Jiufen Alley
Row of teashops and eateries
Gold Mountain
Jiufen view
Traditional chairs where an elderly couple may sit
Flag painted on a wall
Jackie in Jiufen
Jackie overlooking the bay
Chris leaning on someone's motorcycle
Lanterns on the way to the Jiufen Middle School
Scenic view
Pavillion atop a faraway hill
Chris leaning on someone's motorcycle
Antique phone
Teashop sign in watercolor
Jiufen alley with traditional lanterns

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Date: December 14, 2003
Mode of transportation: took the train from Sungshan Train Station to Rui Fang, then a NT200 taxi ride to Jiufen.


Jiufen is a rustic place where one can wander the streets and forget that they are in the Year 2004.