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"A picture is worth a thousand words."
-Source unknown

film Weekend trip in Kaohsiung to celebrate my friend's birthday
Elderly gentleman watching the train go by near Kaohsiung Docks.
Fa Hsing Buddhist Temple
A golden buddha inside the temple
The gray sand beach at Qijin Island

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A weekend in Kaohsiung for Dan's birthday
Date: May 17-18, 2003
Three letters spell out this weekend: D-N-A.

Had a great time in Kaohsiung with Jackie, Dan and Graham. Topped it off at a disco, DNA. Nice to get out as in recent years, Jackie and I seldom do.
Did other things which were fun, too. We all climbed a nearby mountain which had Japanese pillboxes and a Buddhist Temple on top of the hill. We had a wonderful dinner in a Shanghai-style restaurant. And we went to the beach at Qijin Island.

Inside the Fa Hsing Temple exists beautiful sculptures