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"A picture is worth a thousand words."
-Source unknown

film Qing Jing Farm Weekend
Qing Jing Farm is located in Central Taiwan, not far from Puli. Set in the mountains, this area has been developed more and more into a resort area that has European style hotels and recreational farm activities. The weekend went by fast, but the memories will last forever.
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The Ming Ching Hotel, where we stayed
Yes, this way to our hotel...
The luxurious Shangrila, next door to us
An older building at the Shangrila, with beauty in front
Another older building in the Shangrila
Alas, the Shangrila
Very nice place, which highlights its ties to Swedish culture
A Scandanvian-looking hotel overlooking the valley
Tower with swing on top, looking out onto the valley
Close up of the tower
The view from our the deck of our room, piaoliang!
Another view, with Emerald Lake below
Jackie n' Chris    
Jackie on the hotel deck
Chris on the hotel deck
Chris on the patio of our room, with Guilin tourist shirt of course
Jackie at the cafe where we ate
Steps leading up to a small farmhouse
The Sheep Farm      
The center of attention
The crowd anxiously awaits the main event
The dog is given the go-ahead to round up the critters
The stars of the day are paraded through the crowd
The owner sends the dog up the mountain to 'bring 'em on in'
Like an avalanche, they come in a runnin'
Here they come!
They're heading right for us!!
Sorry, bo-peep, your number is up!
The owners, a New Zealander and his Taiwanese wife, start the show
And they bring a member of the audience up...hey, they aren't gonna...I mean there are children in the audience! What is this? Bangkok?
Oh...okay...I knew that was what they were going to have the guy do.
Let the shearing begin!
Qing Jing sweaters will soon be available for purchase, folks.
And the other sheep knelt down in awe when they saw their comrade de-wooled.
And then, they are free to go back to their fields...looks like the one in the back was sheared earlier.
And now being big stars, they sheep go out to mingle, sign some autographs and get some yummy peanuts.
Yet, we ask ourselves: will this one be next?
Or will they diversify into the leather boot industry?
Yunnan Descendent Community    
Squeezing myself in between two characters on a mural at the gate to the commmunity
Small pavilion overlooking the valley
From another angle
And another
Statue of Chiang Kai-shek, who their ancestors fought for
Overlooking the valley
Beautiful views...yes, alot like Yunnan in fact
European Garden    
A flower amongst the flowers
A slice of Europe in Taiwan
In the courtyard
Interesting bungalows that people can actually stay in
The entertainment that goes with the bungalows is free
Beautiful setting on a hill
Yes, true camping in the wilderness outdoors...nothing like being alone
Well maintained garden
Jackie is in the waterfall actually
Feed the ducks
and the fish
A beautiful fountain in front of a storybook-like house
The fountain
Think I saw one of these houses in the Hobbit
Miscellaneous views    
Above the clouds
Looking out into the cloudy valley from the Activity Center, home of the highest Starbucks and 7-11 in Taiwan
A foggy, eerie walk back at dusk to our hotel
Jackie looking out into the valley
Stairs in clear weather...
...and during the evening when the clouds rolled in
And the last one: the valley again

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Qing Jing Farm
Dates: June 26 - 28, 2004

Hotel: Ming Ching Hotel

Major attractions visited:
The Sheep Show, Qing Jing Farm, the highest 7-11 in Taiwan, the European Gardens, and Lu Shan Hot Springs down below.

Night time view of the Ming Ching Hotel, where we stayed.